#ImasurvivorAnd I want representation on TV. Show me male survivors who do better things than serial-killing. Show me female survivors whose function is not martyrdom.

#ImasurvivorAnd I want to know for sure that when I try to have my adoption records unsealed the judge will consider just wanting to know who raped me is a valid health concern.

#ImasurvivorAnd I’d like to throw a party for survivors, because why shouldn’t we get to meet each other under happy circumstances?

Survivors of rape and sexual assault need and deserve our own political movement.  The only time people talk in public about sex-crime, the discussion revolves around rapists and how we ought to treat them.  But we survivors are a huge and diverse community, with needs that non-survivors have never considered. I present #ImasurvivorAnd to help us find each other, and our collective political voice.  Join me in leading the conversation around the issues that affect us.  I want to know what your political priorities are as a survivor, and how we can work in solidarity to accomplish every last one.

Donate $1 to my new Patreon account, and every month I’ll tweet a 280-character story about you (in the genre of you choice).  Donate $5, and I’ll sneak your name or chosen code-phrase into the first piece I publish every month.  When I have $100 of monthly donations total, I’ll throw a party for survivors to celebrate our community!