Maybe because

I was young

I held onto

Old men winking

You, and roses

Never will be ordinary


Funny how we can’t let go

Of promises

People with winters

That come and leave

Are ready for the air that hurts

Taking it all in stride

When the land where we live rises up

To attack us

Never just thinking we might go back

To where the summer stayed


The dirty, open secret is

That air of our painless shelters

Tastes stale

Like anything packed away

Wind-chill is a livid pulse


If we don’t have to face it

We never will

And promises made to always be magic

Find no relief in old breath

It’s a bad time of year to be special

When everything outside is shrieking

And everything inside is worn


Maybe because we survived

We keep finding

Things set aside for the rain

Hold onto any image of a dauntless hero

To stand and plead the case before

We can be more than ordinary

We can be born again and again

Where the land rises up to attack us


Painted eyes are winking

Making the air bear shivers where it died

Here we only beg

To differ