I thought you told a story

Yarn to wrap my pretty life around

I listened

Then didn’t to

Sprawling always

The face of the monster

Was every man’s


I tried

Nailing down

The Who

The What

The Where

The When

The Why


Was the monster still there

Under ocean

Kicking up tide


Did I dare, on your proud ship, admit

Though we walked on the sea

We were not over it


And you cared not a wit

If any stray corner of any dear land

Kept its myth

Vixen and purring


I listened, and didn’t


Nothing wrong

Was a beaming thing


Mind that you wrapped pretty thread around

Sprawling always

Stars out of mountains wide


If I offer nothing

Then fall

Would they breathe me in

Searing from loving


My pall over their shining sky


Was it never a question of Why

Of Who

Of What

Of When

Of Where


Every man was a monster



But I stretched out my skin

Around shadows

Each question of flesh

Could catch answers

If monsters made sense


And yea though you gave me that thread

And my life had got wrapped around pretty loose thread

It didn’t make sense

Not to yank


The secret is

Rattling death

Tearing pieces who whisper

How could you leave me


The secret is mere

Sprawling always

No story

Compares to that pit


A thread couldn’t span it

A plan can’t explain it

No story says what you mean

The face of the monster was every man’s

Who and what and where and when and

Why would they ever come clean?