Outsmart the stars

I did night

After night

Standing out looking up

I swore never to

Wish again

Sand through my hands falling

I let it slip

Brave with the vow that I’d never

Take rest again

When I was walking kept

Road between feet

Besting the stars yet

A few started falling

Cried out I will not


A hero

Who hears me


Road between feet

And keep going


Going on

Smart little stars

Save everyone’s wishes they

Stay far apart

Will never go kissing

Night after night I go

Holding my heart

And hoping they hear me

Remember by dark

One day I’ll be missing

Road between feet

Will slip on

Without me

And stars bear no mark

For I

Will not

Go wishing

Wise little stars

Till the day that they met me

Swore each one to get me

And reached

But to miss me

Through the trees


Death of the stars

Comes a little too early

I let them slip


Still dying to know me