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Born in a mist-ringing town

Of witches

From witches

We grew

Oh the size of what legend we knew


There were rites to go through

All outside

Not a house could contain

What portals within us became


When our screams made a dark serenade

Woken folk from the town seized claim

We of witches

From witches

Were saved


Little girls looking totally tame

Behind doors wired shut we’d be kept

Safe and soft, not a sound could be lost

No dark staining legend expressed

Behind doors wired shut we kept doors

Given us by that coven we strayed

But growing the size of the lies we were made

By each God-willing dawn to forget


And our townsfolk would say

Hang on tighter each day

Behind doors wired shut we’d forget

For the spell

We’d our own blood to blame

Ignoring vast chasms of eyes

Girls born to witches

Are bound to be bitches

And magic’s our devilish prize

Hang on tight till we normalize


Behind doors wired shut we’ll keep doors

Given whores only need to get paid

Pay to play, devils lay

Hang on tight till the day

That our kingdom is come like we prayed


Well if fire appears where you seek it

And if smoldering eyes are the sign

(Of savoring Lucifer’s kiss)

Born of hell would be well without pride

Than hating on whores for opening doors

Or the witches for burning inside


Hang on tight till they say

Now we’ve come a long way

Bitches pack up your legend and go


They said

Hide you more riches

We won’t abide witches

Your magic is gone in the smoke

And your kingdom burnt down long ago

Hide you more riches

We won’t abide witches

What dark serenade made you glow


Smashing door after door so

We’re gone

Singing no legend they knew

Bad bitches


To witches from witches

The offered, the taken, the due

Only smoke would be our clue



Following breath of the flame

For kingdom, for magic, for pain

So long we’d be lost

And bearing the cost

We’d have nothing but new worlds to gain

What good would it do to brew shame?


The portals we keep in our eyes

Giving rise to eternal abyss

The harder we strive to cleave passage

The stronger would heaven resist

If dark serenade were our alley

We’d better remember the steps

For a void there is no getting over

Escaping is hardly a bet

(Avoiding as surely a debt)


There will be a path through the chasm

If we build it with worms in our eyes

And should we get burned in the ashes

We won’t leave our magic behind
By witches of witches to witches

We won’t leave the magic behind