It’s not your fucking business where I’ve been

But since we’re friends, I’ll tell you that I went

To test the fabric tying star to star to breath to sea

To step outside of it

And wait

Old worlds groan and tip on either side, they pile up

They clang

I gripped the fabric binding vine to daylight, covered up kneeling, squeezed it tight

While worlds around me might be breaking, banging, smoking

I’m hoping from the bottom of this gap I tried to hide inside

Of the fabric wedding wing to wind to bending yesterday

That old forsaken worlds have fallen from the sky, have fused

In sorry fire forming faces never seen before

Have forgotten me, but kept themselves alive

If I’d gone there to leave a thing behind I would have left this

Squirmy little worm its own sore blame

I’d have stomped the wretched thing, but felt its flaccid coils wring inside me

Wriggling its fretful ways along my core

Fruitless hours retching through the night would not expel

Leaving me complete, incapable to quiver or to whine

I’d speak with only screams before I’d hear a grubby whisper interfere with my

Becoming diamond, splicing light precisely unlike trite everyday

That I might, never failing, behold my birthright splendor minus shame

Except those ghosts unveiled had nothing more to say than that

They knew I was still human

Spare me this disgrace before your rising swell of stars

When can I earn – how do I repay before I’m served

So to be worthy

Sad thing, you learn: a babe in arms – you’ve got no say

No use hurling curses at the galaxies that were

To see you shake the fabric stringing mount to moon to soul to shine

To shriek a magnet course past gasping void

Spare me that sad epiphany

We’ve come

Through spilling rivers, over cracking magma crag

To once more face the shame of being man