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This night howls laughter at me

This is how we always talk

But to hear us go on makes you afraid

You watch spattered stars heave beneath my mountains of doubt and think

Of ways to keep me company


The night and I have known each other longer

Though curling clouds smear spans between us

Laughter howls

My language

I, caught alone curl under

The cloud of my own shining

Counting on the strength of innocence

As always,

Rushing in the breath of story


Your consideration swells around me like a winter coat

Comically big, unfit

For three seasons out of four

I’ll shake it off to live my starry night one more

Could any blaspheme be tamed I’d suffer yours to shrink and

Drink my own

Say of the many, many worlds they drive the milky way unclaimed

And brand myself a slave to darkness going on and on


Or, in your arms be warmed and from the vaulted seasons parted

And each from howling destiny be turned

I to grow old, and it to be made strange

And you to never, ever change