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Hunted creatures we had been, quaking under quiet sky

From clear and blue do devils dive

Shredding flesh and spitting flame

The burned should dare not lift their eyes, but choked by smoke might utter groan

Storm and strike, tri-partite God, but let no gap be known!

Send thunder, send poison, send deathrock and sword,

Join angels with razors defending your home

Kill us with fire or fill us with force

Let no fury offend us like this left alone

And why did angels never scream, why wouldn’t lilies bite?

Why, oh feeble light of stars, why shine so still all night?

What faith is left for quietude, when once the voids collide?

How could we trust in gentleness, who slaughter had survived?

And of this itchy-twitchy stillness we’ve been left to wonder in

No thunder-voice has ever come to break, burn, blow and make us new

We were sobbing for our master

What we got were butterflies,

Laughing through this naked air like life was something new

Hunted creatures we had been, and yet the world is wide

All safe and sound, all left behind

Still bound by vow to providence

Our brutal faith makes us believe we’ve magic left inside

And we’ll be damned if we forget to use good common sense

Impossible odds have decided it’s more in our nature to fear

Blue sky can’t be counted on, and demons won’t be kept

Ours is to wonder – to wander, brew light from cold thunder

Remember the failure of Rapture today; let never our hungers be met